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Experience the transformation that is Deep Spring Farm.
Slake your wanderthirst in an ancient waterfront ecosystem.
Find the farm retreat on your way to making the world a better place.

Destination Day Trips + Events:  Workshops  ~  Weddings
Organic  Gardens  of  Food  ~  Flowers
Wild  Springs  Recreation
Wellness Arts:  Yoga  |  Massage  |  Yoga Swing
Spacious + Private Open Air Facilities
Zero  Waste  Sustainability
Custom  Hospitality*

We partner to curate exceptional retreat experiences
for personal transformation and world change.
All events feature o
n farm + locally sourced organics + local talent.
Collaborative ventures and volunteer work trade welcome.
Let’s nourish people in nature for thousands of years.
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In Community, Michael  &  Leela
Alachua  Florida