Welcome   ~ ♥ ~  Aloha   ~ ♥ ~  Namaste 

Retreat yourself to the waterfront where making connections and letting go is natural.
Slake your wanderthirst in an ancient freshwater ecosystem.
Nourish your system in wild and cultivated springfed nature.
Practice your purpose in springs community biodiversity.

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Destination Visits for Adults
Natural  Springfed Pond Recreation
All Organic  Gardens  of  Food  ~  Flowers
U Pick Organic Blueberries in June
U Pick Organic Roselle Edible Hibiscus in October
Secluded Outdoor Gathering Space on two Waterfronts
Tours  ~  Events  ~  Workshops  ~  Weddings

Wellness Arts:  Yoga  |  Massage  |  Yoga Swing

Sustainable Hospitality: We curate immersive solo and group wellness experiences
for personal transformation and world change. 
Collaborations evoke outdoor festival vibes with on farm and local organics and talent. Productions are well rooted in zero waste, leave no trace sustainability ethics.

Thank you for your patience with our existing website. Redesign for ease of use by 2021 year end is underway.
Breathe well, Be well, Be springfed.
Michael  &  Leela
Alachua  Florida