Wildly productive growth springs from love.

Practice with us at Deep Spring Farm: Alachua’s waterfront organic farm retreat for adults near Gainesville, Florida.
We delight in sharing the north Florida springfed organic farm to table way of life with local food and conservation supporters.

Harvest: Zero waste farm with all organic gardens of food + flowers
+ June blueberry picking by reservation.
: North Florida native plant + wildlife biodiversity.
Flow: Natural springfed freshwater pond recreation.
Let Go
: Outdoor yoga + massage MA67017 + yoga swing.
Plan*: Customize day visits & outdoor special events. Volunteers welcome.

RSVP to Visit: Email Reservations Required (text day of).
Open only by reservation.

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*Plan: Custom craft solo and group outdoor visits and events for adults.
The sky is the limit with no ceiling on potential:
Celebrations, ceremonies, company picnics/parties, campfire music nights, yoga classes, guided tours, workshops.

Evoke retreat center/nature park/waterfront festival vibes with farm to table organics and local talent.

Event productions are well rooted in zero waste, leave no trace, plastic free, sustainability ethics.

Design and operations facilitate safety, security, and seclusion.

Personal wellbeing is prioritized while conserving the sensitive ecosystem and infrastructure.

Adults only policy exceptions may be possible with an advance conversation.

Prehistoric artifacts unearthed while reclaiming the land and waters from decades of extraction and debris accumulation connect us to Timucuan and Seminole native peoples who inhabited this region. We share the practice of respecting and restoring the ecosystem to hospitable biodiversity in honor of indigenous ancestors, future generations, and who we are today.

Breathe Well. Be Well. Be Loving Growth.

Your hosts: Husband-Wife Team Michael and Leela Robinson