Blueberry Booking

May 31 – July 2, 2022 | Tues – Sat | 8:00AM – 10:30AM start
$25 farm pass per person (includes picking 1 gallon)

Stay on this page to book picking sessions + read picking policy.

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  1. Pick your day.
    • We (Leela and Michael) welcome you to pick Tuesday through Saturday 8:00AM to 12:00PM.
      • Closed Sundays, Mondays and rainy/wet days.
    • Book in advance for Saturday picking and the first two weeks of season.
    • The most abundant picking happens in peak season from mid June through the third week of June.
      • Picking is fastest during peak season, when picking two gallons in one session is common, due to ripe berries in clusters.
      • Pro Tip: Pick at the beginning of season for berries to eat fresh now. Pick in peak season starting mid June, when it is faster to fill gallons, for berries to freeze.
        • A gallon = 16 cups = 32 half cup servings. About 12 gallons will provide a serving of blueberries everyday for a year.
    • Sunday June 19 Fathers Day Possibility: Picking may be available 9A – 10:30AM start if at least 10 guests book in advance, the patch has enough berries, and weather is fine (not raining or very wet). We will see!
  2. Pick your time.
    • Book between 8:00 – 9:00AM if your schedule allows.
      • Experience better picking with cooler temperatures and firmer berries.
    • Last start time 10:30AM. Check out by noon.
    • Arrival time is flexible.
      • For example, if your reservation is for 8:30AM, it is fine to arrive at 8:45AM or 9:00AM.
    • With your farm pass, you are welcome to enjoy the waterfront at leisure, past noon.
  3. Pick your team.
    • Provide your full name and full names of guests accompanying you.
    • Picking is intended for adults: solo, pairs, small groups. First time picking adults welcome.
      • We meet and greet and walk everyone (new and returning) to patch to get started in a good spot and demonstrate picking.
      • Returning pickers: Older children (tweens) and possibly younger children may accompany and pick with a returning picker. One child under age ten per adult.
      • No first time picking guests with children under age ten (except ok in carrier/stroller).
        • Thank you for understanding that conditions with deep, tannic bodies of water, wildlife, ants, wasps, sun, intense heat/humidity, lots of walking, fragile plants, and length of time it takes to pick a gallon create a (too) narrow comfort zone for children and many adults.
  4. Pack things to bring:
    • Take home containers/bags for berries, produce, flowers.
      • If you forget containers, we have you covered at $1 per gallon fee.
    • Water bottle, hat, closed toe shoes (ants), phone, wallet
    • Cooler for berries.
    • Consider picnic snacks and swim gear to cool off in Deep Spring.
  5. Pay for berries/produce/flowers: Payment accepted at check out. Cash, Check, Venmo as friend, Paypal as friend. Fees added to card payments.
  6. Changes/Cancellation policy: Change or cancel your reservation via the email link provided with confirmation. Text last minute cancellation if necessary.