Book Your Visit

Welcome Deep Spring Farmily. You are invited to visit:

  • When a crop is ready to pick.
  • To volunteer mornings year round.
  • For waterfront springfed pond recreation and relaxation.
  • For professional photo shoots with your own photographer.

Online reservations are required, booking form below.

  • $10 farm day pass per guest. Last minute bookings ok. Evening campfire visits ok.
    • Photo shoot visits: No charge for photographer, $10 for one subject, $15 total for two or more.
  • Pay at time of visit by cash, Venmo as friend @deepspringfarm (7848), or Zelle.
  • Visits are intended for adults, and possibly children if you have visited before. No first time guests with children.
  • When you know what day, make the reservation. You will receive an email confirmation. You can change or edit your reservation via the email link. If it doesn’t work for the farm, I will let you know within 24 hours by email.
  • Make a note in your reservation if you want to meet up with Leela. I will do my best to welcome you.
  • Tours available $20 for 20 minutes, ask all the questions you like about organics and conservation. Make a note in your reservation.
  • Reservations proceed weather permitting. Rain cancels reservations.
  • You may pick a sampler quantity of vegetables and flowers if available. Bring your own supplies. What is Ready Now? Check Timeline.

Prepare in advance and bring everything you need to be comfortable.

  • Drinking water (refills available at bathhouse sinks), hat.
  • Closed toe shoes to hike around and work with produce.
    • Gloves to work with produce and cut flowers (strip leaves off stems and drop on mulched paths).
    • Pruners or scissors to cut flowers. Containers and bags.
  • Cooler with picnic snacks and refreshing beverages.
  • Water shoes and towels to go in Deep Spring pond.
    • Pond bottom is slippery and soft. Thirty foot deep water is light tannic with 4 foot visibility and is very nice for cooling off. The dock is unstable when water is low (so walk in next to dock).
  • Yoga mat if you want to stretch out on the waterfront platform.
  • Seating: Picnic tables under live oak trees on waterfront, two chairs at Deep Spring beach, hammock overlooking Deep Spring.
  • Firewood to have a campfire.
    • Three fire pit locations available: small at Deep Spring beach; large near tall bell and Sunrise Pond to east.
  • Whatever else you may need to enjoy your outing in a beautiful and sensitive to human impact ecosystem.
  • We follow pack in/pack out and leave no trace nature ethics at the farm. Guests are responsible for disposables and damage incurred. Check for no impact and zero waste.
  • Practice low volume to have zero impact on neighbors and low impact on wildlife. Sound carries across water. Acoustic music and singing welcome.
  • Two toilets are in the bathhouse on the south side (behind) barn.
  • Check the weather forecast.

Open to Volunteers:

  • No charge to volunteer by appointment Monday – Saturday mornings start time between 9A – 11AM
  • We will meet you to get started with simple, down to earth, immediately gratifying activities, such as hoeing and pulling weeds, mulching.
  • Volunteer for two hours, then pick produce as our guest. Bring what you need to cut and carry.

Book Now! Fill out the form and submit to receive an email confirmation.
Please let Leela know if you encounter any issue with the booking system.

Thank you for your time, trust and collaborative patronage.
Leela Robinson

Visit at your own risk. Booking a visit serves as a waiver of liability for Deep Spring Farm, protected by Florida’s Agritourism Law. Visits are intended for adults and possibly older children. There are inherent risks due to insects, wildlife, open/deep bodies of water, uneven/soft ground. Entering the water has inherent risk and awareness is essential. Alligator sightings are rare, perhaps twice a year we see a 4′ alligator for a day or a week and it moves on. The farm does not have resident alligators, and we have not seen an alligator onsite over 5′. Farm labor is strenuous due to exercising in heat, and humidity. We will help with anything you need to be safe and well. Take cover immediately if lightning is present. All guests must provide name and contact info and book an appointment online (liability waiver). Be Safe + Have Fun!